My name is Malia. Love and passion fill my life with beauty. I am a percussionist with a little piano on the side. Percussion captain at CHS. I'm seventeen and fondly taken (jgphillips12) but I still like making new friends. Talk to me if you like! You're lovely.

My Instagram is maliaode.

I may be a little afraid but I try to overcome. Robert Anthony says: "We fear the thing we want the most."

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What is the nicest car you've driven or been in?

Probably either Jeremy’s Nissan 370z or my grandpa’s Cadillac SUV. Those are both really nice.

If you could have anything in the world what would it be?

I’m really not sure. Maybe more time or the assurance that those I care about will be safe. I guess I’m not necessarily one for a specific material possession type of answer; it’s more of desire to be able to do more than I physically can.

most important thing in your life?

The people I care about. And then music right after because that’s huge in my life. But the people who are important to me are at the forefront of my life because I would do just about anything for them.